How to create successful product designs on Teedesignshop

Believing in creating art, one must know the secrets of this art. What to design and how to develop both are the point to ponder. But creating a piece that ensures maximum sales should be the primary focus for all designers. Do you want to know how to do it? Here we come up with a few valuable tips helping you out for creating the best designs on Teedesignshop.

Focus on the quality of design files

Your target sales and the quality of the design files you upload have a direct impact on each other. Sounds interesting? Let me explain this. If you upload a high-quality file, your target sale will be 1 item. Summarizing it, you have to sell 1 item to put the order forwarding to production or for getting any profit.

What if you use a low-quality design file? Well in such condition, you will have to select the lowest target sale that is 3 items. It means that you need to sell at least three samples for sending orders to production. Or you can say that selling out at least three items will enable your campaign to be considered successful.

The criteria to select a file as low-quality or high-quality data depends upon meeting our DPI standards. If the designs you create don’t meet the minimum DPI requirements, then it will be taken as low-quality files, for high-quality designs vice versa.

Select products for particular designs

Creating an impressive design is not enough. Which product would be the best match for the design matters equally. It’s quite simple. If you’ve made a large design, then you need a product with a more printable area (ex. Stickers, mugs, unisex shirts). On the other hand, if you’ve come up with a small design then you must select the products with a less printable area (ex. Hoodies and women’s products). Be conscious about the season too while choosing such products for your designs. Hoodies in winter and tees & tanks during summer and spring.

Prefer contrasting colors for designs

Last but not the least, a fascinating part of the design, the colors. Advertisement demands beautiful colors on models. Always use those colors which leave a lasting impact on the product from the marketing point of view as well. Review color schemes before finalizing the product. One good strategy is to use contrasting colors as they stand on garments and even when shared online or in any advertisement scheme. Check out what people love to have in particular products. As women want to see Black, Navy, Grey, Blue and Purple colors in tops & tees. But Unisex hoodies demand Black, Navy, Maroon, Dark Grey and White color schemes. Go to learn more about people’s choices and trends on Google, Facebook and many other resources at your fingertips.




Boost your t- shirt campaign on Instagram

The use of social media for the advertisement of products don’t need discussions. This platform has globalized the world for the selling and purchasing of goods as well. It’s not strange to see marketers focusing on this for the uplifting of their campaigns.

Talking about several ways of marketing on social media, Instagram comes first into mind. It is the fastest growing network where we see a lot of people marketing their items. Besides its use for advertising, it’s also an excellent channel for promoting the products organically. There is no need for using ads here. This additional benefit ranks it high among all other social media channels.

But promoting and selling on Instagram also needs some insights. Here we come up with the strategies that one should adopt before going to Instagram for marketing.

  • Select a niche and create the account accordingly

At the very first, select your niche group for whom you are going to advertise on Instagram. After selecting the slot, make one account on Instagram for each niche. After that, post images of your products on every account according to that niche. For example, while advertising the t-shirts on Instagram, you may post pictures of kids’ t-shirts on the account where your niche is kids. On the other hand, you may upload girls’ t-shirts on the account where the niche is teenage girls. Separate accounts per niche save time and benefit well.


  • Use maximum hashtags

Hashtags are your lucky numbers. Try to use as much as possible, it helps to boost your content exposure and also increases followers organically. Niche specific hashtags would surely be a great way to get these results. If you don’t know about them, go to google, there are thousands of tips and tools to help you out.


  • Collaborate with Influencer marketers

If you can spend money on getting more sales, find out the influencer marketers on Instagram. Big brands on Instagram strongly recommend the use of influencer marketing than paid advertising. In this particular kind of marketing, you have to select an individual(influencer) who has followers in millions on Instagram. You will send influencer some products like 30$. In return, they will post it to their Instagram or will organize some contests for their followers. You will be amazed to have millions of shares and comments per post, that will help to boost up the sales.

  • Keep sharing frequently

Go for sharing at least thrice a day and try to share quality content as you can share the images of people wearing your t-shirts. The more you share, the more your followers stay in touch with you for getting latest updates from your side.


  • Focus on sharing quality content

Make sure the data you’re using is visible to fans. It must be of high quality. The shared content must be different from the one you upload on Facebook (viral videos). It should be user specific. You can ask customers to post the photo with their items and tag you. Here you can get more followers utilizing this strategy.



How to create designs that sell?

From a marketer’s point of view, I believe in developing with proper planning. In fact, creativity does not assure you of success if not planned well. Consider finalizing a design by keeping in mind the three essential steps mentioned below.

  • Find your niche

If it’s important what to design, then it’s more important for whom to design it for. Find out potential customers of your product. It is the very first essential step one must take into consideration. If you haven’t figured out the niche, then you must not forward ahead. It’s the very imperative first step

Searching out the potential group for your product helps you to:

  • Know about their tastes and preferences
  • Awareness regarding their purchasing power

Here you can see the significance of this very initial step of designing. Don’t you think that both of the above-discussed elements are sufficient to guide you what to design for that particular group under the defined budget?

  • Create an impressive message

Can you imagine the creation of a real plan without an excellent message? Well! A creator would say no. It is what we must focus on. Let me highlight it through a question. Go through the given comparison and see which one sounds right.

A fantastic design with an ordinary message or an okay design with a message that may relate to the group?

Surely you will go with the second option. Why? Because if your customers will get attached to the message then apparently, they will be inclined to purchase that shirt and would love to wear that.

Which type of message to select? See whether your messages are magical to attract the customers? Is it good enough to make them crazy to wear that design? Does it have the power to pull the people towards it? Putting efforts to enable that to be connected emotionally with customers must be your priority at this stage.

Remember! The more relatable the message is, the more impressive it will be. Adding people’s specific interests to the patterns results in them connecting to it.

  • Create your design

Here comes the final stage, the creation of conception. Want to know the history of successful designs? Go to Google, Penitent or Etsy for searching out the hit models in the past. Getting inspiration from others is good but pouring out copying into such inspiration makes all your efforts in vain. Public want to see uniqueness. Providing them with uniqueness actually, makes you successful. Be the competitor of others, not the followers. Go out looking for various fonts patterns and other attractive, eye catching stuff from previously renowned designs, but be original when it comes to your work don’t completely rely on other eminent designs. Trusting in innovation is the key to success in designing. Go for creating something beyond everyone’s expectations, a design that has never been seen before.


How to optimize Teedesignshop campaigns for search engines

None can deny the emerging role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for uplifting the organic sales of products. Thus, it’s vital to add attractive titles and descriptions in your campaigns. What you expect from the buyers for your sales, actually results tremendously through SEO. Search Engine Optimization not only enhances the chances of search rankings of your products but also provides a base to select among buyer marketing campaigns.

Need to optimize campaigns
One may ask what the logic is behind optimizing the campaign? Here we answer it. SEO helps to boos t up sales by making it more visible to customers through bringing it at highly ranked search pages. It also contributes to reaching your campaign to the niche and makes it stand where you want. Another benefit of SEO is that it fastens the results with minimum cost as compared to other on hand strategies.

Techniques to optimize product listing
There are many effective ways to optimize your campaign. A few are listed below.

Use specific keywords
The whole game of SEO revolves around the selection of keywords. I wonder seeing repeated keywords that make me bored when I search out for something favourite on the internet. Yes! It happens to all of you as well. Marketing requires uniqueness. The more you specific you be, the better results you will get. Look at this one. “Valentine’s day special arrival” is not as good as “Valentine’s love outfits.” The packages might be similar, but the different keywords make it something special and unique.
Keyword planner can surely be a good way to do this. Focus on finding out the top-rated keywords through this useful source. Another advantage of this technique is that it helps you target the niche of your product. Successful campaigns love to use it, only for this reason.
Write descriptions carefully
How you a write product description makes a difference in the search rankings. Focus on writing easy to read, credible reports. Imagine yourself as a buyer and think how would you write that product if you would be searching out for that as a buyer. It is one of the most efficient ways to do it.

Focus on the URL
Last but not the least, the URL. One must pay attention towards this as it’s the way to rank your products high. For example, if the design is Parents’ Day, try adding words such as “mug” or “shirt” to the URL so you get it like ‘’ Sometimes you don’t want to add the product in the URL, then make sure to have one or more keywords added to it makes it more productive.




Check out August’s most popular events for design inspiration

Summer has always been entertaining the world with its exciting events celebrated across the world. Isn’t it a unique idea creating something attractive for your campaigns? Yes, it’s. Here you can have a look at the upcoming favourite events in August, and how to use them as inspiration for getting amazing design ideas for campaigns.

La Tomatina (Tomato-throwing Festival)

Celebrated in last Wednesday in August every year in Spain, this is one of the world’s most entertaining and famous festivals that turns Spain into the world’s greatest tomato fight. Be unique and get your tee shirts printed with some lovely designs related with this festival. It would surely be a great source of inspiration for the public who would love to be a part of this festival.

American Dance Week

Celebrated in the 3rd week of August in the USA, this event is symbolized with great joy, fun, and excitement. The youth would surely love to wear a t-shirt themed with their favourite event. Go with this idea this summer and see the traffic uplifting in your campaign.

Friendship day

Here comes one of the most loved to celebrate events around the world. The day of love, the day of sharing & the day of trust seen to celebrate everywhere whether it is an academic institution or a night club. Get your designs printed with symbols of this lovely day. Adding some heart touching verses can also be a good technique of attracting the buyers who believe in friendship and love their friends by heart.

Women’s Equality Day

In the memory of the signing of the 19th amendment in 1920, this gave women the right to vote. The day is celebrated whole heartedly especially by women. How appealing would it be for women to have a t-shirt carrying some lovely quotations or images portraying their significance? It surely would be. Take unique ideas of women empowerment and use them as themes for your campaigns.

National Golf Month

Time to attract Golf lovers. Here comes the National Golf month waited anxiously and celebrated excitedly. Get the opportunity to grasp Golf fans. Add some lovely quotes, inspiring images and interesting historical facts of Golf in your campaigns this August and mark your month with remarkable profit figures.

If it’s important what to design, then it’s more important when to design. Keep the dates of the special events in mind and design and run your campaigns accordingly.




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The Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC), is the region’s biggest pop culture convention attracting over 60,000 fans last year. It features everything from film, TV, science fiction, animation, manga, comics, collectables and much more.Being a geek has never been so much fun as the pop culture community comes out in full character.

Men’s T-Shirt Trends for Spring & Summer 2017

What is going to be trendy for the upcoming season?

Wonder, how you can be “in” and not spend a fortune? Get inspired by big brands such as Gucci, Christopher Shannon or Off-White and design stylish T-Shirts online thanks to a custom T-Shirt designing website


Dior Homme: Luxury Tank Top

Fancy a luxury piece of cloth?

Wonder how you can make a graphic design for this trendy T-shirt? Well, you can use a free online designing tool such as Canva and then upload the image on


Gucci: Proclaiming future

Do you believe in the future?

This tee may be the right choice for you! You can use sharp fonts such as Blam Blam, Gang Wolfik, Fought Knight or Vermin Vibes to get the similar look or it’s up to your imagination, which result you will get. And, of course, you can use various colors and add an image as well.

Start creating your new trendy T-shirt here today. And do – let us know about it. We are excited to see your piece of art.


Christopher Shannon: Lovers Direct

Did Christopher Shannon inspire you with his “Lovers Direct” tee?

You don’t need to be a professional designer to get the same tee effect. Simply use the basic Arial font (capital letters) and pick text colors you like.  Also, you can go for other colors than white.

Start designing the tee here.


Sacai: Kurt Cobain style

Do you like the Nirvana’s songs?

You have an opportunity to remain Curt Cobain’s style with a “Horrorshow” T-shirt. Use the Arial capitals in the designing tool on You can also choose various text colors and different T-shirt colors.

Become your own T-shirt designer! Start here.


Off-White: Mirror to the spectators

That it looks like from a horror movie?

No way! Be courageous. Here are recommended text fonts: Adam Warren pro, Slaytanic or Death Rattle BB. You will find many skeleton images in the Google search. The teedesignshop team believes in your designing skills and imagination. Best of luck!

Start working on a new T-shirt design here.

Fashion designers can inspire you when choosing your T-shirt style or color. And because the prices of their clothes, and of course T-shirts, are often unaffordable, many people visit websites such as Teedesignshop that offer an online service for designing and buying/selling T-shirts.

Need more information?

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